Practical ESL Resources

Khan Academy: This site includes many useful videos about different topics.



A. The Art of Public Speaking
B. To deliver a Public Speak
A. Freytag's Pyramid and Short Story Elements (click on the button "Plot") (references for different selections)
B. Character Traits

C. Reading Skill: Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions (Rules of the Game)

D. Vocabulary:

E. Poetry (quiz)

1. General

Mood-Tone (lesson plan)
Formal Vs. Informal tone
Subjective Vs. Objective Tone**Tone**-**and**-Purpose.pdf

. 2. Selections

Rules of the Game


A. Fragments and Run-ons (acivities) (Quiz)

B. Sentences
(Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-Complex sentences) (the sentence Song) (simple, compound, and complex sentences) (compound sentences) (compound sentences)

C. Tenses ( After you read rules, Scroll down and click on green titles to practice exercises-shared by Nour B-gr 7, 2012) (Shared by Hasan Arabi-gr 8- 2012-2013) (simple Past-Present Perfect) (Present Perfect-Present Perfect Progressive) (present Perfect Vs. Present Perfect Progressive-Simple Past)
NEW (simple past-past progressive) (simple past-past perfect) (Present Continuous/ Simple Past /Present Perfect Continuous / Past Perfect Continuous) (NEW-Practice all tenses)

D. Conjunctions

E. Modal auxiliaries

F. Relative Caluses

G. Noun Clauses ( Practice Quiz 1 and Quiz 4) (short-3 types)

H. Adjective Clauses (with answers) (with answers) (with answers) (with answers)

I. Subject Verb Agreement

Writing (paragraph writing-Song) (Slideshow presentations on how to write a paragraph) ( helpful rules, real-world examples, and FUN quizzes e.g punctuation rules, etc.) (writing a concluding sentence and a concluding paragraph-excercises) (personal narrative) (gr 8) (gr 11) (introductions) (concluding paragraph )

Effective Essays and A+ thesis



Renaissance and Macbeth (cause-effect rubric) (renaissance plans) (causes and effects of Renaissance -Humanism)


A collection of classic online games. Challenging, fun and suitable for kids of all ages (language arts)
B. Different Skills (ppt related to different language skills) (science skills) (creating a poster) (JD)

Research (Research) (transcend video)