The Lottery by Shirley Jackson ( Gr 10 C 2015):

P.S. You are required to browse these references for the English Exam concerning the Lottery selection. These are the required handouts in addition to the ideas we underlined on the book and the notes you have written on the English copy book.
You might find different analysis and interpretations. Keep in mind this is a piece of literature and every reader might interpret it differently. However, what makes your interpretation convincing is the evidence you use. analysis and diagram) (selection analysis) (selection analysis and others) (plot analysis, theme, symbols,etc.) (argument concerning The Lottery)

(Only tone words are required-2015)

"My Life as a BAT" by Margaret Atwood (Jan. 2016). (analysis)

Performance Task (Digital Divide-2014)
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APA Style (gr 11-12)
(slides 3-17)
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Evaluate a Website

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Primary Vs Secondary Resources

Sample Research Papers

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My Students' samples



Topic Sentences




Movie Review

Sample Lab Report